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Friday, January 05, 2007

Lindenwood's Grading System


A= Excellent: The student’s work is outstanding, beyond expectations, and exemplary to the goals of the course. Writing reveals a sound organizational strategy with clearly developed paragraphs and a unified thesis. The ideas are engaging and show illuminating insights into the works being studied. There should be little or no errors in style, diction or mechanics. Oral presentations are outstandingly informative, well researched and relevant to the assignment. The presentation is not read but reveals mastery of the material, supportive examples and very good eye contact.

B=Superb: The student’s work is above average, proficient, of high quality, and exceeds the goals of the course. Writing is clearly above average but may reveal problems with the organization of ideas or the insights expressed. There will be some errors in style, diction and/or mechanics. Oral presentations may have many insights and show good mastery of the material, but may either lack the depth of an outstanding presentation or reveal a weaker delivery style.

C=Adequate: The student’s work is average, acceptable and satisfactory to the goals of the course. Writing reveals and understanding of the assignment, but the insights do not go beyond the obvious and the student does not attempts to use the text or other sources to prove the ideas expressed. Subject areas tend to be general and do not address specific detail. There are more errors in grammar, mechanics, and the like. Presentations cover the material but are vague, revealing an average mastery of the assigned material and an average delivery style.

D=Unsatisfactory: The student’s work is inadequate, poor, inferior, and unsatisfactory to the goals of the course. Writing reveals a poor understanding of the assignment, is too general and is replete with errors in style, diction and/or mechanics. Oral presentations are poorly planned and delivered with little or no thought to the task.

F=Failing: The student has not passed the course. Writing is unacceptable, lacking in many of the aforementioned skills or does not come close to the page number requirement.

Failing papers may be rewritten with instructor permission, but a grade no higher than a “C” can be given for a rewrite. Include the previous paper when turning in any revised assignment. Lindenwood’s policy is not to allow “B” papers to be rewritten in an attempt to get an “A.”