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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Featured Poet Nikki

I like the use of the rhyming couplets and the slight difference the burn/yearns rhyme creates in the rhythm in Nikki's poem. The sadness and sense of longing are clear.


The alarm sounds
Buzz buzz
No one is around

Shall I get out of bed?
Oh, how I dread
Living my life
As a lonely wife.

I peel the sheets
Right off my feet.
And hop in the shower
I still have no power.

My heart burns
With the yearn
For just one more
Dance on the floor.

I’m all alone;
Nobody is home.
Gone is he
Who used to love me.

I carry on
As if he’s not gone.
But I know deep down
That he’s nowhere to be found.

The ache, the agony,
The wretched memory
Of how we used to be.

Nikki also wrote this poem about someone special to her:

S R K – The Lost Angel

Came into this world
A beautiful little girl.
Lived happily till eight
Then hate
Set in.

Goes on with her life
Not knowing the knife
That’s digging at her heart
Will bring us apart

She does love us
So what’s all the fuss?
Her world’s in shambles;
Every day is a gamble.

Came into this world
A beautiful little girl.
Lived happily til eight
Won’t you find your fate?