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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Featured Poet Alicia

Alicia wrote this poem about her life with her two dogs. I love the line about them being a mirror of each other and the metaphor of their ears as "careless wings" when they hang their heads out the window. Excellent imagery.

Kids Without A Voice

Kids without a voice

Look close as peering thru the door

Slight chance of a stretch or yawn
Quiet dust lay all around to be seen
Shake or dance could be the move
Sheets embrace their bodies
Hurry hurry want to be me
Where are you now invisible voice
Woof woof scratch thru hair
As if walking on clouds displaced grace
The two small ones are mirrors of a love affair
Will you wait for me to lend a kiss
Face out the window ears careless wings
Valley’s affection eyes over eyes round butterflies
Creeping floors who’s at the door?
Turning key
Oh, it’s just me
Safe safe sleep sleep