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Friday, January 05, 2007

First Saturday class and first Tuesday assignments

Always read the assigned pages before you come to the class date they are listed on, and be prepared for discussion. This schedule is subject to change according to the needs of the class. It is your responsibility to stay informed about these changes by contacting me or another student for notes when necessary. You are responsible for the work listed if you are absent. There will be additional assignments and readings as necessary.

(S/S refers to the book Subjects and Strategies)

January 6 Class Orientation and Overview

Journal 1: Answer the question “What do you want to learn from this class?”

Introduction Activity/ Read S/S p.1-44
Reading: A Writer’s Reference, Sections G and P- as needed with on-line exercises

Next week start the online interactive grammar exercises under the headings
Basic Grammar and Grammatical Sentences (skip sentence types) by January 23rd. Click on Writer's Reference Website under "Helpful Writing Links."

January 9

Journal 2: Use this journal to brainstorm for Short Paper 1 using the listing technique. Turn this in with your first four journals on the due date.

Reading: Finish reading listed for the Saturday class.
and read about Writing Methods:
Narration S/S p. 157-170; 186-189
Description S/S p. 105-118; 151-152
Definition S/S P. 382-398; 420-422
Review Revising and Editing S/S p. 33-37
Short Paper 1 Draft Due