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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Erica's Poem

Thanks to everyone sending me copies of their poem. The one below is Erica's poem from the Monday night class. Get me your poems Wednesday class!

I relate to the line about it being easier to tell someone what to do, instead of them figure it out for themselves. I'm a little bossy that way :)


For as long I can remember
You’ve been the pest that crowds my space
With your wants
Taking advantage of my kindness as
I enable you to become dependent upon me cuz
They say we gotta stick togetha.

And as we grow older, it grows worse,
Consistent, and second nature.

And it pisses me off to
know I’ve created the very monster I sometimes
try to kill.
And as your role model, mind you
I never volunteered for that position but I guess
I was destined for the title.

Cuz of my maternal instincts, I’d rather take
Care of you than to guide you with decision making.

And now I’m paying for it
Cuz you’re damn near grown and leaving the
Nest, leaving me
With no one to take care of but myself.

For the monster is gone.
I don’t have to kill you now.