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Monday, October 13, 2008

Instructions for Sketch Outline for Short Paper 1 and Extra Class TBA

I'm hoping to announce our extra class date later today, so check back for updates.

We have a sketch outline due with short paper one, so don't forget to turn it in with the final draft.

A sketch outline is not a formal outline - it's much less structured and detailed - see pages 11-13 in our book and follow the example for the rough/sketch outline. An outline lists the points you make in your paper, in the order you discuss them.

It is not the listing brainstorming technique because that exercise may have ideas that didn't make it into your paper and has no order.

A basic outline lists your thesis and your main points in full sentences, in the order you discussed them in your paper.

Example Sketch/Rough Outline

Thesis: Americans should not read books.

Americans shouldn't read books because they are filled with dangerous knowledge that may confuse  and annoy them with thoughts.
     Books talk about politics, which means you feel compelled to do stuff like actually vote.
     Books talk about history, which may upset you when you see how we are repeating mistakes of the past   in our federal government. Can anyone say Great Depression?
     Books help explain how people are cheating you out of money/time/justice, and we would feel better if we didn't realize we were being scammed.

Americans shouldn't read books because they are too expensive, and our money can be much better spent on beer and hummers.
     Beer tastes better than a book.
     Hummers can run over annoying motorists.
Americans shouldn't read books because then they will be smart enough to foil my plans for world domination.

Reading might educate people about how to stop me from controlling the earth and all it's outer planets.
Reading might show people there are other ideas than mine, leading them to thoughts of revolution.

(The preceding is just an innocent example and in no way reveals my plan to control the solar system).

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