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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Class Updates - Grammar Exercises,, Extra Class in Library

Grammar Exercises: Because of the problems with our book's grammar website, I've extended the deadline for the grammar exercises. You have until November 1, 2007 to finish the sections Basic Grammar, Sentence Style, and Punctuation.

The deadline for the remaining grammar sections (Mechanics and Word Choice) will be November 21st (the Wednesday before Thanksgiving). Please submit Short Paper 1 and Short Paper 2 to by Friday, October 19th. Your grade is not final until you've turned your paper in to the website. I will not be putting your grade on Short Paper 2 unless you've turned it in by this Friday.

If you have computer problems, let me know, and we'll make arrangements for an extension. Be sure to create a user profile on Turnitin before submitting your paper. If you experience other technical problems, email Turnitin's tech support.

Extra Class at Butler Library: Remember our extra class for the cluster meets Tuesday, October 23rd in Butler Library's Computer Room on Lindenwood's main campus.

You must have your Student I.D. by next week so you can access the library resources. You can get your I.D. on the third floor of the Spellman Center. I think it's open on Saturdays until 2 p.m., but call (636) 949-4562 to check their hours.

The class will meet from 6-10 p.m., so come prepared to do extensive research for your paper. There is a new coffee shop in the library where you can get refreshments. Consult the campus map for directions. It's near the building we met in for the first Saturday class.

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