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Friday, October 05, 2007

Tip for Students: Writeboard Stores Documents Outside Your Computer

I mentioned this in one of the classes this week - here is the specific info. Sign up for Writeboard's free program that allows you to store text documents outside your computer.

Many students have had computers eat their homework or forgotten to print papers or journals before class. If you store your documents on Writeboard, you can access them from any computer, make changes, and save alternate versions.

Most of our campuses have a computer available, so you can access it before class if needed. It also tracks major changes to your document, so it's easier to turn in the required drafts.

You can create as many writeboards as you want for free. They do have some paying services that help you organize your writeboards. I may sign up for one after I get more writeboard documents, but for now the freebie version works fine.

Now the evil computer can never eat my drafts again. Bwuhoohahahaha! Onomatopoeia people, remember?

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