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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Featured Poet Rick Turner

Rick Turner

Swedish Massage

My head aches with the pain of homework overload.
I want a Swedish massage from my head down to my toes.
How bout a Swedish girl who can take my pain away
And help me find something to do on a cold and dreadful day.

My mind races with the thoughts of the happiness of fools,
While symphonies of love march down my avenue.
I listen to the beat, but the melody is cheap
Like the vodka in my drink.

Divine spark, divine justice plague my weary soul.
My spirit has amnesia, I’m dying of a cold.
I can’t get out of logic’s clear and empty snare.
While death is on the line, a choice I won’t declare.

My muscles tear while I wear my heart upon my sleeve.
I can’t take the easy way to find simple relief
From the net of practical living in a tipsy turvy world.
Whatever happened to my Swedish girl?

Love the line, "My spirit has amnesia, I'm dying of a cold." It captures that disconnection between your will and your body. Lots of interesting imagery to daydream the homework away.

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