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Monday, December 15, 2008

Featured Poet Blaine Chazelle

Blaine Chazelle
December 3, 2008


Is this where I should be?
Knee high to a grasshopper I ran the fields
It was an easy life of hard work
Where is seemed like time stood still
Back in the woods
We grew what we ate
And never let any waste
I remember it well the stars at night
Cows in the pasture
The sweet aroma of the swine
Now it's city light
And life at a 100mph
I’ll always wish for a simpler time
But I settle with this for now

I love the line "It was an easy life of hard work" Hard physical labor can be less taxing than thinking and worrying about paying the bills as a grown up. Remember than oxymoron thing people? That's this line. Two contradictory ideas next to each other. Excellent work, Blaine.

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