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Monday, September 17, 2007

Jennifer's poem and link to Ballad of Birmingham Song

Poetry can provide tremendous catharsis. This is Jennifer's tribute to her mother, who died several years ago. I like the detail she includes about her mom loving the Cardinals. It helps bring her to life for those of us who didn't know her like Jennifer did.

Her oral presentation was on the Ballad of Birmingham, and she sent me a link to the poem set to music. It has a great mournful blues quality to it.

My Mom

Whenever I think of her I feel like I want to cry
Then something tells me to look at the sky
I catch my self-asking why, why why
Did she ever have to die?

I know the Lord will never let me down
I miss her so much I wear a solid frown
I catch myself envious of others
How they have and can see their Mothers

I think it’s not right it wasn’t time
I couldn’t have lost this Mother of mine
We had so much to do, so much to see
She needs to be here with me!!

I love her so much
Who I am I going to call
I will miss her sweet touch
Who will catch me when I fall?

Am I angry? Am I upset?
My answer to this is “You Bet”
Why is this you say she is up there?
She should be here, I don’t care!!!!

She should be with my daughter
Her very best friend
The one she tried to protect
To the end

She should be at her graduation
Her wedding day
My daughter should be able to hear her say
“I love you”.

She was always there for you
Whenever needed she would be there
No matter what she loved you
Offering you advice, love, protection and care

She was more than a Mom
She was a true best friend
She cared more for others
Even down to the End

She was always a mom not a Mother
She was always Grandma not Grandmother
She wore a smile every day
She loved to watch the Cardinals play

Her heart was always full of love
Her mind was sharp as a tack
She was always kind and would never turn her back

I know she is in heaven looking down
She is probably telling me
“Stop wearing that frown!”
You should be happy for me
There are no more tears,
No more pain,
Whenever you need me I will be here
For I am with you everyday
When you need me just pray!

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