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Monday, September 17, 2007

Madison's Poem

I love Madison's whimsical poem on those thousand and one questions kids can think up about imagination. He contrasts it nicely with a grown up's perspective later. He uses rhyming couplets to pull it all together.

As a child there were suggestions
So growing up I had some questions

Were there really Alligators under my bed?
Or monsters in the closet like my sister said?

Did the Boogie Man come out at night?
And was he really such a horrible sight?

Did Mom have eyes in the back of her head?
Well that’s what Dad and Grandma said.

How did they know that I was lying?
Did they really have those people spying?

Are Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter real?
Or just an excuse for a Holiday Meal

Now I know there’s nothing under my bed
The monsters in the closet are all in my head

And the Boogie man, there’s no such thing
They knew I was lying ‘cause they had a feeling

The eyes in the back of Moms head are still there
They must be covered up by her hair

Are Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter real?
Who cares, its an excuse for a Holiday Meal