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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bridget's Poem

We had creative, interesting poems in Monday's Class. I will be posting poems from both classes over the next few weeks, so if you haven't sent me yours yet, please do. I'd love to share them.

This is Bridget's poem about those little crushes we get once in awhile. It's fourteen lines, like a sonnet, but uses rhyming couplets to pull it together. I like the way she shows rather than tells in the line, "He always has a smile right before he says my name." Sweet dreams.


Strong arms, but not the arms that hand me mundane things every day.
A new laugh that doesn't turn to anger or question everything I say.
Warm neck and cautious breathing, so wrong it makes it right,
In sleep I find this secret place and stay there through the night.
We cross a line so simply, a feeling meant to be,
To not go there, would be unfair, most of all to me.
No, it is not THIS way I've known him, but yet it seems I do,
"Yes, just friends" we would say, for this is something new.
How can I ever face him, or has he felt the same?
He always has a smile right before he says my name.
No, I don't think that I will tell him,
I love the way I feel!
It stays with me throughout the day and that's what makes it real.
If he returns to find me, in sleep I will be waiting,
It seems to bed the only place...for the affair I am creating.