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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Featured Poet Heather

Here is the first poem I'm featuring that was written for class. This is Heather's poem.

I like the rhyming couplets throughout, and my favorite line is: "To be alone is what you want,/And to that - I make a grunt."

A Love not in Vain

My love for you is not in vain,
Though it sits on clouds and rain.
The good times with you make me high,
The bad times without, make me cry.

Your words and touch are so real,
That another can’t make me feel,
As close as we two are,
Because you are my Northern star.

To me, you do not belong,
But for another, I do not long.

Down the sandy beach we walk,
Though we do not have to talk.
I can see your sparkling eyes,
Like a beacon in the sky.

It tells me what you feel inside,
Which you normally like to hide.
Your emotions kept so locked up,
They must be freed from their cup.

It must be hard for you to hide,
All those things you feel inside.
All the fun and happy times,
Yet you still leave them behind.

To be alone is what you want,
And to that – I make a grunt.

Because happiness can’t you see,
Is precisely what you bring to me.
Loneliness, you took away,
Like making clouds turn from gray.

Emptiness I will not feel,
Because I know that you are real.
My love for you I can not hide,
Because it’s what I feel inside.