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Friday, December 28, 2007

Featured Poet Katie Troupin

Sorry for the delay posting poems. Our first featured poet from class is Katie Troupin. She sums up the holiday emotional snow storm quite nicely in her poem. I like the line about politics in the air. It could be family politics or those good old American political discussions that get everyone going.

Holiday Emotion
By Katie Troupin

In a whirl wind of emotion,
Beginning with excitement and joy
Come family guests from far and wide;
Followed by scrutiny of those remaining near
as dinner approaches with politics in the air.

Full bellies after a feast of plenty
Leave many tired and others aware;
Self consciousness growing amongst those still alert
By growing waistlines, anguish, even hurt
As few wash the many dinner plates
and prepare the dessert.

After feast drinks leave some feeling free
To express hurtful words not to agree
With those who are present
The dirty laundry publicly hung
Embarrassment alluding to resentment
And agony all in one.

Card games are played and fun is had,
The rest of the night if filled
With yuletide and reminiscing.

End of the night brings
Hugging and kissing,
Until next year, the loved ones
We’ll be missing.